What You Need to Know about Right Sizing for Retirement

What You Need to Know about Right Sizing for RetirementYou've heard the advice to consider downsizing in retirement, and there are certainly some distinct benefits that make downsizing the right choice for some retirees. However, some homebuyers find that it's actually more helpful to take a "right sizing" approach. Before you look for homes for sale in Oakville, take inventory of what you'll really need in your home for retirement. 

What is right sizing?

In the realm of retirement house hunting, the concept of "right sizing" has gained traction as a more holistic and personalized approach compared to the traditional notion of downsizing. Right sizing involves carefully considering various factors such as your lifestyle preferences, future needs, and how you envision spending your retirement years, rather than simply focusing on reducing square footage or cost.

While downsizing may seem like the obvious choice for many retirees seeking to simplify their lives and minimize expenses, right sizing offers a more nuanced and individualized approach that can lead to a more fulfilling and comfortable living situation. There are several reasons why right sizing might be a better approach for your retirement house hunting. Here are a few to consider. 

Tailoring to Your Lifestyle

Right sizing allows you to align your living space with your unique lifestyle preferences and priorities. Instead of automatically opting for a smaller home, you have the freedom to choose a property that accommodates your specific needs and desires. This could mean selecting a home with more bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate visiting family members or pursuing hobbies and interests that require extra space.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Do I want to have multiple guest rooms to host family?
  • Are there any hobbies I plan to take on that need a certain type of space?
  • What type of hospitality and entertaining would I like the home to accommodate?
  • Is aging in place a priority for me, and what would I like the home to feature to support this goal?

Future Planning

Right sizing encourages you to consider your future needs and aspirations when selecting a retirement home. While downsizing may meet your current requirements, it's important to think ahead and anticipate any changes that may occur as you age. Choosing a larger home with adaptable living spaces allows for greater flexibility and can accommodate potential lifestyle changes, such as the need for live-in caregivers or space for medical equipment. 


If you don't have a strong desire or need to downsize, consider the way buying a larger home (but one that meets your changing needs in your golden years) might be the better investment. Owning a larger and more valuable home that will only continue to appreciate can be a smart choice that keeps your financial opportunities coming in your retirement years. 


Investing in a larger home that meets your specific preferences and lifestyle can enhance your comfort and enjoyment during your retirement years. Whether you enjoy hosting gatherings and entertaining guests, pursuing hobbies that require dedicated space, or simply desire the freedom to spread out and relax in your own home, right sizing ensures that your living environment supports and enhances your overall well-being. 

Some people who downsize for convenience and affordability in their golden years end up regretting giving up the extra space. This is a personal decision, but one worth considering carefully. 

Multi-Generational Living

In today's evolving housing landscape, multi-generational living arrangements are becoming increasingly common, with multiple generations of family members choosing to live together under one roof.

Right sizing allows you to accommodate multi-generational living if desired, whether it's providing space for adult children returning home, caring for aging parents, or creating a shared living arrangement with extended family members. Even if that's not something you are immediately planning to do, keeping your options open may benefit the family as a whole. 

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