8 Popular Home Builders in Oakville ON: Who Can Build Your Custom Home?

Popular Home Builders in Oakville

In the ever-evolving landscape in the town of Oakville, Ontario, many discerning homebuyers have stunning properties crafted by prestigious builders. Several names stand tall as the most sought-after home builders, contributing to the town's remarkable urban fabric and leaving an unmistakable mark on Oakville's best neighbourhoods. With an emphasis on innovation, design, and quality, these builders have sculpted residences that capture the essence of Oakville's charm and allure.

Rayo Irani at RE/MAX Aboutowne does not endorse any home builders, building contractors, or suppliers. There are pros and cons to every builder, and the best builder for you depends on your individual project and expectations. Before hiring a builder or beginning a home improvement project, always perform your own due diligence.

Mattamy Homes

Mattamy Homes got its humble start in the nearby city of Burlington more than 40 years ago and is now the largest privately owned home builder in North America. Founded by Peter Gilgan in 1978, this award-winning company works with clients to determine home requirements, set a budget, and build the best home for every client. 

Mattamy Homes has sold over 7,800 dream homes across Canada and the United States, including in the Oakville, Milton, and Mississauga real estate markets.

While Mattamy services both the United States and Canada, with offices in Calgary, Simcoe, and Ottawa, its roots are firmly planted in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Mattamy Homes is known for their low-rise dwellings and townhouses. Their signature style blends timeless and modern exterior designs and spacious interior floor plans. 

Mattamy Builders has been named Home Builder of the Year by the building industry and the Land Development Association for a record eight times since 2001.

Mattamy Homes Additional Information

  • Price Range: Starting around $800,000
  • Styles Offered: Mostly townhomes, but also condos and single-family homes
  • Services Offered: New home construction, budget calculator, and home buying journey assistance
  • Areas Served: The United States and Canada, including Edmonton, Calgary, and the GTA

Starlane Homes

Family-owned and operated for more than 30 years, Starlane Homes is a versatile home builder eager to meet their clients where they're at. They have built and sold over 11,000 new homes in the GTA. 

This Ontario home builder is well-known for its attention to detail and above-and-beyond level of quality and service. Starlane has built several homes along Neyagawa Boulevard and Dundas Street. From the kitchens and bathrooms to the flooring and the finishing touches, Starlane is committed to ensuring every client moves into their ideal home. 

Oakville neighbourhoods built by Starlane Homes include the Upper Oaks, which offers Oakville condos, and Joshua's Meadows. Homebuyers will also be able to take advantage of Starlane's Design Centre shortly after purchasing their home, working with a team of professional designers to ensure that every little detail of their dream home is perfect.

Starlane Homes Additional Information

  • Styles Offered: Townhomes, semi-detached, and single-detached homes
  • Services Offered: New home construction, Design Centre
  • Areas Served: Greater Toronto Area and surrounding area

Rosehaven Homes

Enjoy a Home Built by Rosehaven Homes

Established right in Oakville, Rosehaven Homes wants to ensure everyone feels at home in the houses they've built. Rosehaven Homes has been a popular choice for homebuyers moving to Oakville since 1992, known for their classy designs and layouts. 

Over 9,000 homes built by Rosehaven Homes in the last 30 years seek to blend with the architecture of the area while incorporating tried-and-true, unique finishing touches. They keep their buyers involved in the construction process, so there's no need to wonder how the house is coming along. 

Oakville residents may recognize Rosehaven's style in the Abbey Heights and Woodland Trail communities. The identity of a Rosehaven home is so striking that the company has earned several awards. Homeowners will recognize their finished home not only as a Rosehaven original but also as their very own space. 

Rosehaven Homes Additional Information

  • Price Range: Starting at $1.3 million
  • Styles Offered: Single-household homes, townhouses, semi-detached homes, and condos
  • Services Offered: New home construction, Rosehhaven Décor Studio, and warranty coverage
  • Areas Served: Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario

The Remington Group

The Remington Group has been on the scene longer than any other, and a third generation of the Bratty family is leading the company into the future. For 75 years, the Remington Group has developed properties of all kinds. The group's handprint on the new construction homes in Oakville is well-known and respected.

Remington has also been leading the way in incorporating energy efficiency into its designs for their homes and commercial buildings through its Remington Green project. To get a sense of The Remington Group's architecture and communities, Oakville's very own Peachleaf is a Remington neighbourhood.

The Remington Group Additional Information

  • Price Range: Starting at around $850,000
  • Styles Offered: Low and high-rise construction, commercial construction
  • Services Offered: New home construction, The Design Studio, design consultation
  • Areas Served: Barrie, Georgetown, King, Markham, Mayfield, and Oakville

Ballantry Homes

Ballantry Homes is the result of over 30 years of commitment to a dream of meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of the modern homebuyer. Cofounders Bobby Bhoola and David Hill established the company's standard in 1989. They have since created and sold over 10,000 homes across Ontario. 

Ballantry's presence is already felt in Oakville's townhomes, detached homes, and condo communities like The Cosmopolitan. The company is committed to building homes with nothing short of the best design, materials, and construction. Ballantry prides itself on its distinct and high-quality customer service. 

To achieve this, the company involves its homebuyers in deciding what features and colours should be in the final product. Condominiums and communities built by this company have a habit of selling out fast, as their commitment to quality has earned them an excellent reputation. 

Ballantry Homes Additional Information

  • Styles Offered: Townhouses, condos, detached homes
  • Services Offered: New home construction, Decor Centre, and Customer Care team
  • Areas Served: Hamilton, Welland, Markham, and Oakville

Fernbrook Homes

Enjoy a Home Built by Fernbrook Homes

Design, architectural integrity, and taking care of the client are the top priorities at Fernbrook Homes. Their team works on the cutting edge to create detailed, luxurious living spaces that reflect today's market. They don't stop there. Fernbrook Homes also works with homebuyers to accommodate their needs and adjust designs to their preference. 

Whether the buyer is looking for a Victorian feel, enjoys Regency-era decor, or prefers to stick to modern trends, Fernbrook will work with them to ensure they're happy with their home.

The detached ravine townhomes at Bronte Creek in Oakville are the work of Fernbrook Homes. Every one of these homes is one-of-a-kind, tucked away within the beautiful greenery of the surrounding area and in proximity to some of Oakville's best parks. It's the perfect example of how this home builder works with the surroundings.

Fernbrook Homes Additional Information

  • Price Range: $700,000-$3,100,000
  • Styles Offered: Townhomes, condos
  • Services Offered: Decor Centre and new home construction
  • Areas Served: Aurora, Barrie, Caledon, Hillsdale, King, Milton, Oakville, Paris, Toronto, and Woodstock

National Homes

National Homes aims to put the homebuyer in control of every home they build. With over 30 years of experience, 20,000 acres of land developed, and over 15,000 homes created, National Homes has become a trusted builder. 

Their belief is that the buyer is the blueprint for the house, and they want more people to see homes this way, too. This company strives to build homes that keep their buyers' wants and needs in mind and perfectly elevates their everyday life. 

National Homes also offer a Design Studio with cutting-edge technology, so buyers can see what their home could look like virtually and feel the possibilities hands-on. The Westmount community in Oakville's Glen Abbey neighbourhood features nearly 800 homes built by National Homes. National Homes is also known for their high-quality homes in the West Oak Trails neighbourhood

In addition to its commitment to its clients, National Homes is also passionate about its philanthropic efforts, supporting causes such as Habitat for Humanity and The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation.

National Homes Additional Information

  • Price Range: Starting around $500,000
  • Styles Offered: Single-household homes, townhomes, semi-detached homes, shallow and wide lots
  • Services Offered: New home construction, Design Studio
  • Areas Served: Toronto, Etobicoke, Oakville, Bradford, Brampton, Mississauga, and Milton

Branthaven Homes

Once a small fledgling business, the family-owned Branthaven Homes has become a widely recognized and trusted Ontario homebuilder. 

Over the last 50 years, Branthaven Homes has developed an extensive portfolio of houses and other dwellings. They've received numerous accolades for their work, including the Ontario Home Builders' Association's Best Lobby Entrance design award in 2022. 

From new construction homes in Burlington to townhomes in Oakville and luxury apartments in Toronto, this company provides quality service and a beautiful place for its clients to live.

If you've ever seen the Greenwich Condos in Oakville, you're already familiar with Branthaven's style of construction. The condos include a variety of amenities, including their Fresh Thinking™ features and finishes, BH Home Technology™, and access to lots of recreation and points of interest in Oakville thanks to its ideally situated location. 

Plus, a 20-storey silhouette against the skyline, an arched canopy entrance, and a 13th-floor rooftop terrace make Greenwich Condos a visually appealing and unique place to live.

Branthaven Homes Additional Information

  • Price Range: Starting at $600,000
  • Styles Offered: Open-concept dwellings, mid-century modern architecture, and condos
  • Services Offered: Home Design Centre, floorplans, and new home construction
  • Areas Served: Western GTA and Southern Ontario

Rayo Irani at RE/MAX Aboutowne does not endorse any home builders, building contractors, or suppliers. There are pros and cons to every builder, and the best builder for you depends on your individual project and expectations. Before hiring a builder or beginning a home improvement project, always perform your own due diligence.

Oakville's Extraordinary Home Builders

In the realm of Oakville's real estate, these preeminent home builders have etched their mark, weaving design, function, and luxury in a seamless manner. Their unwavering commitment to crafting homes that mirror the town's character is evident in every meticulous detail, from the amenity-rich condo communities to the spectacular luxury homes in Oakville. As Oakville continues to flourish, these builders will undoubtedly remain at the forefront, shaping the town's housing landscape and enriching the lives of its residents.

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