Keep Your Home Ready for a Showing Any Time with These Tips

Keep Your Home Ready for a Showing Any Time with These TipsOne of the keys to successfully selling your home is being willing to let potential buyers view it at their convenience. Being flexible to allow a showing to take place almost any time while your home is on the market will help you sell your home more quickly and expose the home to a broader range of buyers. 

If you're preparing to sell your home in Oakville, here are some tips to make it easier to keep your home ready for showings at any time. 


One of the most important things you can do to make it easier to keep your home ready for a showing is to declutter. Take a weekend to go through everything you have in the home and decide what you absolutely need to keep accessible. Many of your belongings can be packed away and stored in the basement, garage, or a storage unit. There are also probably quite a few things you can sell, donate, or throw out. 

By eliminating clutter and not allowing more to enter the home while it's on the market, you'll find it far easier to keep the home in showing-ready condition all the time. 

Items you may want to pack away include:

  • Sentimental items
  • Personal decor
  • Off-season clothing and gear
  • Toys
  • Games
  • Books
  • Infrequently used kitchen items

Establish a Cleaning Routine

Keeping your home not only decluttered and tidy, but actually clean, is important. It shows your potential buyers that the home has been well maintained and allows you to put your best foot forward. 

If it's realistic for you, consider establishing a daily cleaning routine so that everything stays clean for a potential buyer. For some sellers, taking this on is simply too much and it's better to hire a professional housekeeper. You can have them clean the house once a week and just do a quick clean before a showing is going to take place. 

The Details

Keep a checklist of details to tend to before a showing. You can work your way through the checklist, ideally in just a few minutes, so that you can quickly prepare the home before you leave. 

Depending on your household and unique home, the checklist might have things like this:

  • Sweep or vacuum any areas that need it
  • Remove a full laundry hamper, even if you need to bring it in the car with you as you go. These can be unsightly and have an unpleasant odor you may not notice.
  • Remove pets from the home, vacuum pet hair, and change litter boxes or clean up dog waste from the yard
  • Tidy up toys and shoes
  • Wipe down all kitchen and bathroom surfaces
  • Remove dirty dishes from sink
  • Set out fresh flowers
  • Set tables
  • Open curtains and blinds for more natural light

Why Flexibility Matters

We know that living in a home while you are selling it adds some extra challenges. Keeping your home ready for potential buyers to view and being flexible for a last minute showings is no easy task, but that flexibility will really pay off. 

Real estate expert Don Payne with Vision Realty explained it this way:

"Being flexible with showing times is crucial when selling your home; it maximizes exposure to potential buyers, accommodates their schedules, and increases the likelihood of a quicker sale."

Keeping your home ready for showings while it’s on the market requires consistent effort and attention to detail, but it's worth the effort. Ready to learn more about selling your home? Contact us any time. 

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