Home Renovations with the Best ROI to Focus on Before Selling

Renovations with ROIBefore you sell your home in Oakville, consider if some home improvement projects might be worth prioritizing first. Some renovations have been shown to have a great ROI, and can allow you to sell your home for a better price.

If you are wondering how to prepare your home in Oakville for a successful sale, this post is for you. Contact us any time to learn more about the current value of your home, how to boost your resale value, and more. Wondering what you should do to renovate your home before selling? Keep reading. 

Curb Appeal 

First impressions matter. The exterior of your home is the first thing potential buyers see, and your first opportunity to show them that your home has been well maintained or updated. Investing in curb appeal can significantly enhance the overall attractiveness of your property. Consider projects such as landscaping, exterior painting, and updating the front entry. A well-maintained and visually appealing exterior creates positive expectations for what lies inside.

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, and it's a focal point for many potential buyers. A kitchen renovation can yield a high return on investment. Focus on modernizing appliances, updating countertops, and installing contemporary fixtures. A well-designed, functional kitchen can sway buyers and increase the perceived value of the entire home.

Depending on your home, your kitchen may warrant an entire remodel or just some cosmetic updating. Even just a refresh with new paint, updated hardware, and replaced lighting can make a major impact on the resale appeal of the home. 

Washroom Upgrades

Washrooms are another area where upgrades can significantly impact the perceived value of your home. Consider modernizing fixtures, replacing outdated tiles, and enhancing storage space. Spa-like features, such as rainfall showers or luxurious tubs, can add a touch of luxury that appeals to buyers seeking comfort and style. If you're not sure what needs to be updated in your washrooms, reach out to us for our expert advice.

Energy Efficient Improvements

Particularly valuable for attracting eco-conscious buyers, updating with a focus on sustainability can be worth the investment. With a growing focus on sustainability, energy-efficient improvements are gaining popularity among buyers. Consider upgrading windows, doors, and insulation to improve energy efficiency. Installing energy-efficient appliances and a smart thermostat not only appeals to eco-conscious buyers but can also lead to long-term cost savings. 

Updated Flooring

Flooring that is outdated in style or shows major wear and tear can give the wrong impression about your home as a whole. In contrast, updated flooring will have major impact on the resale appeal of the home. Hardwood flooring is a timeless choice that appeals to a broad range of buyers. If your home has outdated or worn-out flooring, investing in hardwood can be a worthwhile upgrade. It provides a sense of elegance, is easy to maintain, and has lasting appeal. Other options that have widespread appeal include LVP, tile, or even carpet in some rooms. 


Don't underestimate the impact of updating the details of the home, like a fresh coat of paint or new hardware. Choosing a neutral paint colour for the whole house or updating lighting fixtures can make a major impact on the home feeling fresh and new, with a relatively minor investment of time and finances. 

Home Inspection

For an extra measure of guidance and a strategic approach to selling your home, consider getting a pre-listing home inspection. You can hire a professional home inspector to review the condition of your home an make suggestions for what may need to be repaired or updated. This gives you a chance to avoid unpleasant surprises during the escrow process, and you can even advertise that you have done this to evoke confidence in potential buyers.

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